Here are links to some poems I continue to be pleased with, most published subsequent to Meaning a Cloud. More may come after more sleuthing. Ah, the strange memory of the internet–

Six poems in A Dozen Nothing, 2017

Little Jonesy in The Volta: They Will Sew The Blue Sail, 2015

South of Lake Union with Roethke in The Seattle Times, 2015

Two poems in In Posse Review, uncertain date, prior to Meaning A Cloud


Meaning a Cloud won the 2007 Field Poetry Prize and was published in 2008 by Oberlin meaning a cloudCollege Press. I was very tickled to win, having been rejected by the magazine off and on for twenty years before my first acceptance there. A few years and some more acceptances by the magazine later I tried their book contest. Oberlin College Press is a great source for contemporary American poetry and justifiably revered it for its translation series. To have been published by them is an honor.

Andrea Cohen published a sweet and insightful review in the literary magazine Ploughshares and Lisa Albers interviewed me on this book and my life in the bookstore for Poets & Writers. Meaning a Cloud is available from Open Books or Oberlin College Press, and can be ordered by most independent bookstores.